Exploring A New Roadmap for Rental

It’s no surprise how complicated our relationship with rental has become in Vancouver. But what if—we made it a little easier?

From strata and commercial to purpose-built rental, our goal at Rize has always been to create vibrant spaces for those who live and work in our cities. 

Our first rental project on Fraser Street,  Comma Fraser, will help set our roadmap for future rental moving forward, not just on how we live but how we interact with our home.

The only way to reframe our community’s relationship with rental is to build it.

Merging Thoughtful Design and the Feeling of Being Home

Where you live should be functional and beautiful. When done well and with the built environment in mind, the design of a project creates an emotional connection between yourself and the community, resulting in a stronger feeling of being at home.

At Comma Fraser, the design vision was to be thoughtful, unique, and artistic, reflecting the vibrancy of Fraserhood and its creative spirit. Artwork and photos taken by photographers (and Comma Fraser tenants) Sarah and Luis Valdizon showcase cozy pockets of Fraserhood and local art, as an homage to the neighbourhood and its essence.

Throughout the project, pops of colour are creatively integrated, from the multi-colour mosaic tile wall in the lobby, the upholstery and furniture in the amenity space, the signage, and the artwork.

In each home, Terrazzo countertops, green kitchen cabinets, and white faucets provide a touch of whimsy and style, balanced with the exterior facade’s contemporary brick and aluminum finishes.

A colourful mural from Vancouver artist Tierney Milne is intentionally located in Comma Fraser’s parkade—as well as the entrance of the building. Adding it to the parkade brightens up a space that can often feel and look dark, while also tying it into Fraser Street’s existing love of murals by local artists.

Thoughtful Amenity Spaces

It’s no secret that shared spaces can help foster a sense of community. So how do you implement amenity programming in a rental project that encourages community-building and makes it feel seamless and thoughtful?

Comma Fraser’s spacious indoor-outdoor amenity space is designed to be flexible and welcoming, whether you want to plant strawberries in the shared garden, mingle with your neighbours on a warm afternoon, enjoy a quiet and productive work-from-home day, or host a gathering of friends and family.

Our vision with future Comma projects is the same—to offer amenity spaces that understand the needs and core features of the community.

Enhancing the Social Fabric of the Neighbourhood

As a purpose-built (and pet-friendly!) rental, the overall vision for Comma Fraser was to become a social catalyst for the neighbourhood, from our curated retail strategy to the building’s design. 

For example, we envisioned each retail space as one that ties back to the community, or becomes a gathering spot for the neighbourhood, from the upcoming Middle Eastern-inspired bakery, MishMish, to businesses that make life easier like Paws on Fraser.

In keeping with our vision of continuously innovating and evolving, Comma Fraser is tech-friendly, with residents having access to an exclusive Comma Properties app for building access, and the opportunity to connect with fellow residents via an in-app forum.

Also on the app is a database of exclusive retail promotions and discount codes with our partners, consisting of carefully selected local businesses that spoke to our values at Rize and Comma. These include lifestyle brands like Takasa, Homecoming Candles, and La Bomba Floristry, food and beverage brands, technology, entertainment, and more.

“At Comma Fraser, we approached the project overall as being a social catalyst for the neighbourhood.”

Building Places That Matter
At Rize, we envision purpose-built rental as a way to help foster connection in our growing cities and communities. We want to continue building a future for you, for your neighbour, and for our cities.

Follow along for news on our upcoming rental projects, Comma Barrington, Comma UniverCity, and Comma King George