Our Purpose

Rize is an intention, an aspiration, but most importantly an action: to uplift people by creating places that matter, while fiercely guarding against the commodification of our built environment. A responsibility we take seriously.

It’s why we resist the cookie cutter and avoid the tried-and-true. These things may reduce risk, but they don’t encourage diversity or vibrancy.

Never stagnating Always evolving

Our Principles

We believe that buildings shape life. They influence how we move and where we go today, tomorrow, and into the future. They are the foundations of community.

Distinct Design

Our developments must be thought-provoking, unique and inspiring. We would like those living or working in our communities to have an emotional connection to the built-environment and their community, resulting in a sense of place.

Functional Responsibility

Ideas are the easy part. Our dynamic design choices will not detract from the livability, constructibility or financial viability of our developments. Our innovation must be sensible and realistic.

Community Relevance

Our product must make the lives of local residents better, in some way. We invest time to ensure our product is satisfy a need the local community is asking for and that our process is understood and valued by our greater community.

Our Leadership

We are fiercely guarding against commoditization

President & Founder

Will Lin

As a child, Will was always that kid who questioned the status quo – and some things never change. A consummate thinker, Will is excited by the possibilities inherent in a challenge. He pushes both himself and his company to ask the bigger questions and see beyond the constraints, to create projects that matter. He is the first to describe a complicated development strategy as “too easy”, and push for more.

Chief Financial Officer

Chad Boorman

Chad’s extensive experience in both real estate investment and development is an asset in leading the financial team. Chad oversees all reporting and analysis; structuring and securing debt; equity financing; compliance/ governance; business planning; as well as support on corporate strategies and investment decisions. Chad is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter holder.

Vice President - Brand & Design

Steven Cox

A unique title for a unique role. Steven joined Rize in 2017 and divides his time between three main areas; corporate brand/communications, development design/programming, and community engagement/dialogue. Steven’s career provides significant architecture, design and communications expertise. He helps Rize realize better communities, all the while guarding against the commoditization of our built environments.

Vice President - Development

Benn Duffell

Benn leads a team of experienced Development Managers, responsible for all aspects of the development process, including liaisons with project partnership groups. A trained architect, Benn provides guidance and strategic insight to the development team during the design and approval process for all Rize projects.

Vice President - Acquisitions & Asset Management

David Downs

David is tactical and takes pride in distilling large amounts of information into an actionable strategy. He is responsible for sourcing, underwriting, and securing the dirt for Rize to develop better communities. Always evolving, relentlessly searching for new perspectives and filters.

Vice President - Construction

Simone Mandarino

Simone provides leadership to all construction teams from pre-construction through to occupancy. He enjoys mentoring and growing the team, while monitoring performance targets so that the quality, safety, budget, and schedule objectives are being met. Simone grew up working in construction and enjoys building unique and challenging projects.