Something better than owning?

We have a new vision for rental housing.

We are inspired by the way hotels have diversified beyond the 5-star offering to include design-forward options that are approachable and vibrant. We are part of a new generation that no longer looks at homeownership as the pinnacle of success. For us, rental housing can offer flexibility and freedom. It can be a choice, one that suits a preferred lifestyle and alternate ways of investing your hard-earned money. We think rental can be rewarding, something better than owning. 

Fraser Rental Rendering - Rize Alliance Preliminary concept of activated commercial and street view by Yamamoto Architecture, for Comma - Fraser.

1. Design

Without the pressure of the commoditized buy and sell market, there’s an opportunity to take greater risks from a design perspective. Tenants are far more willing to embrace forward thinking design when they are not worried about resale value. Renters might actually be looking for something special, memorable and unique. 

The Loggias by Koz Architectes, Paris
The Six by Brooks Scarpa, Los Angeles
Rize - Thinking - SL11024 SL11024 by Lorcan O'Herlihy Architects, Los Angeles
The Loggias by Koz Architectes, Paris

2. Connection

There tends to be an openness and flexibility that naturally comes with rental housing. Public spaces belong to everyone and we all benefit from it. But by the development of meaningful programming for shared spaces, a rental project can deliver a much greater level of community interaction and sense of place. 

The Independent by Rize Alliance
Treehouse Rooftop (photo by Tedi Dorman), Los Angeles
Rize - Thinking - SharedSpace - SL11024 SL11024 by Lorcan O'Herlihy Architects, Los Angeles
Treehouse Community (photo by Cynthia Alex), Los Angeles

3. Community

If we think of the development and the community it builds as an offering to the neighbourhood, then the retail component of the building has an important role to play. Retailers, especially independent ones, are a wonderful connector between residential and public.They invite the neighbourhood to participate in an experience. When done properly, the inclusion of retail can anchor a place within its neighbourhood.

Thoughtful Retail - Platform LA Exteriors by Nicole Franzen Platform LA Exteriors (photo by Nicole Franzen), Los Angeles

4. Vibrancy

We are drawn to places that are eclectic and lively. This kind of diversity is easier to achieve within a rental scenario where the building might attract more than one demographic and people in many different stages of life. Ideally the businesses in the project have been curated to suit and attract those who are living in the building. 

Treehouse Cafe (photo by Art Gray), Los Angeles

5. Co-Living 

What if there was extra space for your aging parent? Rental offers a flexibility of how we live together, including sharing apartments for a greater level of affordability and sense of community. What if we specifically designed spaces to be shared?

The time has come for rental housing in Metro Vancouver to escape its “less than” position and take up its rightful place as a relevant, inclusive, and vibrant home for those who choose not to own.

At Rize, we are only just getting started.