Small Space Living

With density and affordability at the forefront of housing needs, we are very focused on how we can make small spaces function better and feel larger. The bedroom is an important part of the home, but one of the most under-utilized spaces in that the majority of time we’re asleep in it. We are looking for ways that a sleeping space might be re-used during the day or, at the very least, reduce in size. Maybe, it could transform into another use or even shift to accommodate more than one bed.

The Rolston: internal bedroom

The Rolston & YALE HOTEL

When you consider a dense urban condition where the bedroom blinds are closed the majority of the time, we felt the precious unused space along the window could be given back to the kitchen, dining and living room. We were curious how buyers might respond to an “internal” bedroom. By pulling the bedroom off the window, we were able to create a much larger living space.

We believed so strongly in the concept that we offered both options at The Rolston; traditional bedroom configuration as well as an the “internal” bedroom set back from the glazing wall. 70% of visitors to the presentation centre said they preferred the internal bedroom, because the home felt larger and a cozy bedroom wasn’t a deterrent. However, when we analyzed sales, 70% purchased the traditional layout with the bedroom up against the glass.

Although people liked the unconventional option, buyers were motivated by re-sale instead of personal preference. This is what makes innovation so difficult.



The homes at our On Que development in Mt.Pleasant feature the unique OnePlusOne design strategy. A custom-built storage system that can be easily configured into multiple positions.

Homeowners can easily change the configuration as their needs evolve.

The design allows the master bedroom to function as a one large open space, or as a bedroom plus den. Both configurations offer the additional built-in storage space within the OnePlusOne wall unit.

The Independent: RizeModular

The Independent

Many of the buyers at The Independent in Mt.Pleasant opted for our RizeModular storage system, custom designed for flexibility. These modular storage units are a creative, space-making solution, allowing homeowners to simply and effectively transform and configure their homes to suite their individual needs.