We are strategic, creative, and optimistic

Senior Management

President & Founder

Will Lin

President of Projects

Chris Vollan

Head of Creative

Steven Cox

VP of Development

Benn Duffell

VP of Acquisitions & Asset Mgmt.

David Downs

VP of Finance

Chad Boorman

VP of Construction

Simone Mandarino

Development Team

Senior Development Manager

Brent Beatson

Senior Development Manager

Lucas Berube

Development Manager

Myra Shunny

Manager, Development Legal

Allyson Heo

Development Coordinator

Vivian Chong

Finance Team


Chris Twells

Senior Project Accountant

Eileen Zhang

Senior Corporate Accountant

Dawn Wang

Project Accountant

Jessica Cai

Project Accountant

Charlotte Ming

Accounts Payable

Eric Tagayon

Acquisitions & Asset Mgmt. Team

Acquisitions Analyst

Thomas Roxburgh

Property Manager

Daria Lubczyk

Property Administrator

Maeve Keaney

Building Manager

Bob Williams

Marketing Team

Marketing Manager

Julia Schenck

Communications Coordinator

Diane Min

Construction Team

Project Manager

Chris Burrows

Project Manager

Keith Hand

Project Manager

Daniel Yu

Pre-Construction Manager

John Chua

Project Coordinator

Joshua Punzo

Senior Superintendent

Barrett Fugeta

General Superintendent

Grant Balacko

Site Superintendent

Kelly Brezovski

Site Superintendent

Colin Firth

Assistant Superintendent

Terry McConnachie

Assistant Superintendent

Alex Smith

Assistant Superintendent

Hamid Mahmoudi

Construction Admin

Adejoke Ojo


Young Xin Zhou

Construction Safety Officer

Bobby Burns

Construction Safety Officer

Drew Scott

Site Administrator

Jaimee Lane

Director of RizeCare

Angela Wakefield

Operations Team

Administrative Assistant

Amanda Davison