Rize in Surrey

Rize has been working in Surrey City Centre since 2010. We have added 250 new homes to date, another 250 are under construction and over 1100 are currently in re-zoning processes.

We are aware of the responsibility that this scale of development brings. We accept that we must not simply follow the path of least resistance, but have the confidence to champion a process that questions the status quo and seeks to find what creates truly healthy and vibrant communities for now and the future.

Surrey is committed to strengthening its Town Centres with liveable neighbourhoods that promote local identity and community function. We are responding to the City of Surrey's objectives and policies by offering places that are distinct and inviting, for those who live and work in Surrey.

we are embracing the objectives for the City of Surrey

by placing a greater focus on the public realm of our communities

places that matter to those living and working in Surrey


Comma King George Under Construction

A central courtyard where spaces become places

Parks & Yards / Coming Soon

The Passages Coming Soon

Aspiring to create an exceptional urban condition

Linea Completed

Forward-looking living

Wave Completed

A new wave of style in Surrey

Our Approach


Each development seeks to provide amenities to those living and working within, but also to the wider community. For this condition to take place authentically, we aim to provide greater levels of public access within our developments.


Our developments are moving away from the traditional podium with tower typology. Instead we are creating a more complex arrangement of building with open space. This gives way to more interesting relationships between buildings, comfortable outdoor spaces, dynamic views and an overall sense that the development is not only for the residents, but the greater community as a whole.


We believe that healthy communities are complex, diverse and always changing. They are successful because of their differences, not their sameness. A big part of this mix, is the ability to maintain a variety of heights, scales, uses, architectural styles and materiality. Wherever feasible, we look for opportunities to re-use and retain history and bring greater richness to our developments with its revitalization.